Thursday, December 9, 2010

No Walls For The Small Giveaway

Today is the day!  My kid's book is so close to becoming an Amazon Best Seller!  It has been unbelievable all the support....I am so blessed it is overwhelming.  We are doing a big push to put us over the top, and I need your help!

We all have a kid in our lives that could use a good book right...or maybe know someone with a kid? And we are all scrambling to get our shopping done over the next few why not kill two birds with one stone?

If you purchase a copy of No Walls For The Small ($12.99) today, December 9th, at you will be given $300 worth of coupons!  The giveaway is designed to provide a little something for everyone.  Some of the gifts available from the partnering shops include:

  • Artisan wooden house wares
  • Eco-friendly kids stuff and knitwear
  • Fabulous, and affordable abstract paintings
  • Gorgeous handcrafted jewelry and metalwork

Not a bad deal right?  The best thing about this event is that 5% of the profits from the sale of the book will go to the Fresh Air Fund, an not-for-profit organization dedicated to giving inner city kids a chance to spend their summers outdoors.

You can check out what is going on here:
It is so easy, no hassle at all.  Just click on the link.

This is a word of mouth giveaway!  Do you know some one, friends or family that may be interested in this event?  Pass this email announcement along to everyone you know...or just folks with kids and maybe by some small miracle we will make the Amazon Best Seller List today!  If you have a Facebook page, or are a Tweeter...please spread the word! 

Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!


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