Thursday, July 7, 2011

Unpacking Chef's Kitchen

You know you live with a Chef when you unpack your kitchen after a move and just the variety of salt alone takes up half a shelf.  Chef and I have had to do some serious downsizing.  Our new digs is literally half the size of our last home, and while we have given away contractor bags full of clothes and toys...all kitchenware is sacred.

Do we need two mixers?  Yes.  Do we need two ice cream makers?  Yes.  Do we need three can openers?  Maybe.  It is impossible to use two can openers simultaneously, much less three.  You never know. 

For some reason I was given the task of unpacking the kitchen.  Perhaps because I am the "homemaker" and the kitchen is the center of our home.  Or it could be because it is the most daunting of the rooms to unpack.  There are so many different tools that categorizing them in any meaningful way is next to impossible.  Where do I put the meat cleaver?  The tortilla press?  The crepe tool?  The pasta drying rack?  Egg mold?  Silplat? The entire collection of random Asian ingredients whose labels are a total mystery? 

When you share a home kitchen with a culinary artist, your kitchen is not just a place where family meals are is also an artist's studio.  Like any other professional artist, a chef's tools are utterly essential to the creative process.  So I will find each a home in our little bungalow kitchen, so Chef has all he needs at his fingertips to concoct his artworks, and continue to bless our table with masterpieces. 

Now where to put the blowtorch?