Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolve

I can not believe 2010 is over.  It seems like it went by in a flash.  I have had more than a few major life changes this year, which is to be expected I suppose given that it is the last year of my 20's.  New baby. New book. New blog.

As each New Year approaches we all have the opportunity to set intentions for the year ahead.  Intentions to change for the better.  Many people poo poo New Year's resolutions, but for me they are essential small term goals that if met will only make me better off.

I may not stay the course all year to meet my resolutions, but like any great procrastinator I usually try to pull it together at the end.  Last year one of my and Chef's major resolutions was to loose weight.  I think this is a resolution that many of us make every year.  This year we actually made a life change in September and made it happen.  I have lost all my baby weight since The Sprout's birth in March, and then some...totaling 50 lbs, and Chef has lost 40 lbs and is still dropping.  We set our minds to it, stayed the course with the occasional holiday binge, but managed to keep our resolve.
One of the key ways to follow through on a resolution is to create a path or a system to stay on track.  This may sound crazy, but for us, the simple act of weighing ourselves everyday...even on days after we had been naughty, was enough to create a lifestyle of mindful weight loss.  It is hard to loose weight if you do not monitor how much you weigh!  This little realization has changed our lives so much for the better.  It takes 5 seconds once a day to do, a small change in our daily routines resulting in a big time life change.

Now that my physical well being is on the right track, I think this year I will focus on my mental health.  Recently, I have created a new life skill for myself that allows me the freedom to have a good day even when all aspects of the day point to hell.  When I feel stressed to the max, I simply stop what I am doing, take 10 deep breaths and say "It is never too late to start the day over.  I am letting go and beginning this day again."  Sometimes I have to do this five minutes into my morning, or sometimes at 9 pm at night, doesn't matter when... this mantra works. There is something about approaching life with a clean slate, existentialist as it may sound, that makes for happier living.  Carefree, so to speak.

We are having Hoppin' John for dinner tomorrow night...tonight I think a bubbly bottle of Veuve Cliquot gifted to us this holiday season will do just right.

Happy New of luck to you and your loved ones in 2011...and thank you so much for being here every week.  Cheers!

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