Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sow Seeds

I love the dichotomy of fall.  While certain plants are preparing for winter, a glorious transformation of decay, others are being born from seed.  At the 29 South garden we started our winter seedlings and are looking forward to a great cool weather crop.  I was introduced to an amazing new heirloom seed catalogue, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and am thrilled with the new varieties of veggies we are going to try this season.
Here is a just a little taste of what we plan to have in our garden:
Dragon Carrots (seeds pictured above)
Turga Parsnips
Lacinato Blue Kale
Veronica Romanesco
Carentan leek
Albino Beet
Val D' Orges Butterhead Lettuce
Morris Heading Collards
French Breakfast Radishes
There is much much more, but I hate to bore you.

What I find the most beautiful about fall is the air and the light.  You know what it is like...the first time each year you feel fall in the air.  It practically happens overnight. You wake up one morning, step outside and everything seems a bit warmer in color, but the air is cool and crisp.  Each breath you take of fall air has a certain freshness about it...a certain clarity that washes away the haze of summer.

This is a fall in which we all have planted a seed of life change.  Lil' Bit has begun ballet lessons, which has taken cuteness to an entirely new level.  She loves to dance, and it is wonderful to watch her confidence bloom as she traipses around in her tutu.  The Sprout is crawling, and mobility has given her a new sense of adventure, much to my dismay, and she is also exploring her palette as she tries new foods. Chef has recently joined the abbreviated world of Twitter delving into all it has to offer, and I have self published my first kids' book with my dear friend and artist Ryan Ford.  It will be available this holiday season on Amazon and I will be sure to keep you posted on our launch date.

With every end there is a beginning.  Fall is a season that embodies the best of both.  Happy Fall!

Good Life Quest # 12 / Plant a Seed

Fall is a wonderful time to knock out the one thing you promised yourself you would get done this year that you just haven't made the time for...clean out that closet or start taking long walks everyday.  Whatever it may be, take a nice deep breath, clear your head and plant your seed.

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Claire said...

Nan! So excited to hear about your book! CONGRATS!!!!!!!! To you & to Ryan...that is awesome! Love you, Claire