Friday, July 9, 2010

The Poisoning of Pumpkin

This is Pumpkin.  She is one of Lil' Bit's best friends, but a nemesis of mine.  Pumpkin is terribly adorable, but can not be trusted under any circumstance.  She is full of shenanigans.

Pumpkin was born on Halloween in 2005.  Her parents, Lucy and Bud, belong to good friends of ours. Her mother, Lucy, a cocker spaniel, had been living with her father, Bud, a beagle jack russell mix, for years. The two dogs tolerated each other, like older step-siblings, forced to co-habitate due to their owner's matrimony.    

Our friends decided they wanted cocker puppies, so they sent Lucy to a breeder to get knocked up.   They watched as Lucy's belly grew and patiently waited for her litter of beautiful purebred cockers...but alas Bud and Lucy had another plan.  When Lucy went into labor and the first puppy came out with spots it was evident that Bud and Lucy had found love, or at least had a round of casual sex that resulted in a pack of gorgeous mutts.

At the time, Chef was opening his restaurant and his dog, Clancy a fox hound/lab mix, the handsome devil, spent most of his days and nights alone.  I told Chef that Clancy needed a sidekick to keep him company at home, and Pumpkin was the perfect fit. 

I often find Pumpkin standing on top of our kitchen table eating any food left unattended.  If Lil' Bit has food in hand, lets say a piece of cheese, Pumpkin will sneak up behind her and gently snatch it from her little fingers.  Pumpkin enjoys diapers as well as other bathroom garbage can goodies, and can always be counted upon to act as a mini vacuum cleaner whenever Lil' Bit sits down for a meal.

Most recently, Pumpkin's last snack attack resulted in a phone call to the vet.  After a particularly harrowing day Chef brought me home a lovely chocolate bar.  Organic 80% cocoa with seasalt and hazelnuts. I nibbled on it and left it on our coffee table.  I went into the other room to check on The Sprout, and when I returned there was nothing left but the paper wrapper.  The little bitch was stretched out on the floor looking lethargic, yet satisfied.

Pumpkin is a small dog, and it was a pretty large chocolate bar she had ingested.  It was highly likely that her little snack attack could poison her...although death by chocolate is not a bad way to go if you ask me. 

The veterinarian told us to pour hydrogen peroxide down her throat to get her to vomit.  This is what we did...and the poor pup puked a puddle of muddy foam all over our porch.  The she went and hid behind the rocking chair for fear of another bubbly shot from the brown bottle.

Pets are seemingly always eating things they shouldn't.  This is the second time I have been witness to the hydrogen peroxide treatment to avoid poisoning.  The first time was my friend's dog Kanu who ate rat poison.  Hydrogen peroxide saved his life as well.  This technique is the best way to get an animal to rid itself of something hazardous.

I just thought you might like to may come in handy some day.

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Christina Catinella said...

both our buddies, suro & indi, decided to eat rat poison once, as well, and the hydrogen peroxide did the trick. so ironic that kanu, indi's baby, decided to eat rat poison...i had no idea...good job Kate on taking care of him! and every dog owner should know this fact that hydrogen peroxide works much like liquid charcoal for humans with a little stomach pumping action. thanks for posting nan!