Thursday, March 11, 2010

Enjoy the Serenity

I tutor a 12 year old in creative writing every Thursday morning in a local coffee shop.  Today, as I was waiting for her to arrive an elderly couple asked me how far along I was.  I told them the doc said the baby should be here by the weekend.  The woman, an expecting grandmother, looked at me and said "Enjoy the serenity now."

The fact that I had already told her I had a 20 month old at home, and she still advised me to enjoy the serenity is just further confirmation how this new baby is going to rock our world.  Chef has noooo idea. But he will soon...she is definitely on the move.  I am sure she will be here by Saturday.

People have a lot of advice for huge pregnant women, but what we need most is help.  Last weekend an angel, namely my friend Heather Sparks...a beautiful Scorpio mama, came to visit.  She woke up with Lil' Bit every morning at 6:30...cleaned my house every day...did my laundry...helped me garden...cooked us was incredible.  I finally beat that head cold thanks to her kindness.  There is nothing like lady friends...they know.  Also last week, my dear friend and fantastic photographer Abby Liga sent me my maternity photos.  She posted them on her blog.  They are really lovely...just like Abby.

Last night I made Giada De Laurentiis Eggplant Puree Rigatoni.  Eggplant is not in season fact I purchased this eggplant at the farmer's market and thought to myself, strange. People swear Eggplant induces labor, and I am willing to try anything.  I brought the purple vegetable home and there was sticker on it that said it was grown in Mexico.  Duped.  

Note to self:  Always ask the farmer at the farmer's market to specify what they grew and what they bought in...some of their wares are far from local.

The ingredients for the pasta sauce are pictured above before roasting, and below after before I hit the pulse on the food processor.  I was going to include a final shot of the dish, but while it tasted totally delicious...the sauce was not so asethetically pleasing once pureed.  The flavors are subtle, and fresh.  Lil' Bit chowed down on it and Chef loved it.  He has a palette of champions... So when he says something tastes great it must. The mint in the sauce cut the heat of the red pepper perfectly. It is easy...done in less than an hour and is fabulous.

Right now I have a pot of red raspberry leaf tea on the stove.  When I say pot I mean a large sauce pot, not a little kettle.  Red Raspberry Leaf  has been used for thousands of years as a woman's tonic.  It tones the uterus making it stronger for contractions, and helps it return back to normal size post labor.  I will be sucking this stuff down for the next twenty four hours, and peeing every 45 minutes.  9 months is a long time and mama needs to see her toes again.  I have been pregnant since June.  Since June!

Tonight...Caprese salad with chicken.  Basil and Oregano both contain something in them that supposedly induces labor.

I am pulling out all the stops people.  This newbie will be here in the next few days...I can feel it.  That being said, the next few weeks I am going to take a little time off from cyber space.  I will be posting fun strange food facts to keep you entertained, and as soon as I am able I will return with lots of fodder for writing!

Wish me luck...Lil' Bit was 24 hours of natural labor.  I am hoping this sugar pie comes fast and furious!


emily barefoot said...

That baby is gone slide right out! Can't wait to see photos of the new littlest bit!

good luck nan- but you don't need it! Momma Nan is a natural!

Thinking of you and scotty non-stop.

Anonymous said...


Ingrid said...

Come on, little one! We cannot wait to meet you! :)

Christina Catinella said...

Good luck Nan & Scotty! Adrielle, love and protect your little sis, she'll always be your best friend! Thinking about you all and hope the delivery is smooth as butter!

Marcy Gordon said...

Hey Nan--Great post. We'll keep you guys in our thoughts! Best of luck & Love to you all.

inmotion said...

now that i have a blog i see how important it is too comment. i love your blog. always have but never made the time to comment. so enjoy reading of your adventures of mommyhood and the tales of your incredible experiences in the kitchen. when i attempt my own experiences in the kitchen i sometimes think "nan would be on the floor hysterical right now." look forward to hearing about your new tidbit rocking the worlds of nan, scott, adrielle and clan.