Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Week of Eating In

So I thought it best to post a little photo montage of my week of eating in thus so far.  I will begin with dessert, because I am pregnant and that is how I roll.

This rugelach, with apricot Ina Garten recipe is totally divine.  Chef informed me that I have been pronouncing rugelach wrong all these years.  I have been saying "roogala" when he says its "rugalak"  Being that I am from South Florida I feel like I have a pretty good handle on Hebrew lingo, but he is a Schwartz so I guess he probably knows better.
Next is another Barefoot Contessa recipe...perfect poached fruit in this gorgeous orange and lemon zest vanilla syrup.

Now onto a starch...Noodle Kugle with Yellow Raisins. 

And what do you serve this strange starch with...the easiest brisket (aka pot roast in some parts) ever.

I thought I would share a little picture of some parsley and green onions grown by yours truly!

I used them in this recipe from The Pioneer Woman Blog...a killer pasta and mushroom sauce.  By some sort of divine intervention she posted this blog on Tuesday and it just so happened that I had every ingredient necessary in my fridge and garden.  She calls for thin spaghetti, but I used Bucatini, because it is my new favorite pasta!

Wednesday was my birthday...and I confess Chef and I went out to lunch.  I needed a treat...I am officially less than a year away from 30.  As a sign that middle age is creeping up on me...I caught a little cold and Chef made me homemade chicken noodle soup with artisan pappardelle pasta for dinner.

I will be enjoying the soup again for dinner tonight...but for tomorrow night I am thinking about trying out The Blushing Hostess recipe for Tandoori Apricot Chicken...since I have apricot preserves leftover from the rugelach!

I am not so sure about what we will be dining on Saturday or Sunday...but we will be dining in! Share with me any new recipes you have tried out this week...I am always looking for something simply delicious.  
Happy Eating In!


Anonymous said...

Yum yum yum!
Everything looks lovely!

The Blushing Hostess said...

Sorry to see you are not feeling great, those pregnancy colds can really knock you down. On the upside though, some great dishes to warm you! Thinking of your sunny spot as we wait for the snow to disappear and the garden to thaw!

Anonymous said...

Last night Chris cooked... talapia with the homemade pappardelle from Scotty. It was simple... butter garlic lemon and thyme with artichoke hearts in the pasta and the fish sauted and placed on top! The pasta was sooo good! And I've been craving artichokes lately!