Friday, July 31, 2009

The Return

So we are back. After being away a month, I have to say I am feeling refreshed and ready for the last of the hot months here in Florida. Yesterday I went to check on the garden. Now going away in July was risky business because growing veggies in the summer in Florida is tricky...bugs...torrential downpours...bugs...and blazing blazing sun.

We have our first garden event this weekend, a wedding reception, and thanks to our amazing crew at 29 South the garden looks great. The sunflowers have all sprouted, the okra is practically six feet tall and dripping with the slender slimy fruits. There are only two plants that need to go, the zucchini due to bugs and the pole beans due to being fried out. Then there are the tomatoes.

There are sixteen beautiful plants of all different varieties...heirlooms...organics...farmer's picks you name it. They are full, green, and flowering. Just one thing is missing fruit. Loads of little yellow flowers and According to one of our farmers this is because of the heat. I put them in the ground too late and the lazy vines don't like to produce if it is too hot. So, I just have to keep them alive until late September when it cools down and we will have fruit for fall. Tomatoes in October....Florida has its perks!

Next week I will plant Buckwheat in all of the remaining empty plots to keep the soil protected from the brutal August sun. So that is a little garden update. Have a great weekend and check back Monday for a fresh taste of EcoCulinaire!

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