Friday, July 10, 2009

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

I love airports. In fact, I like to get to the airport extra early just to hang out and write, and I welcome layovers. Chef thinks I am nuts. Prime people watching and eavesdropping are my two favorite things to do at the airport. There is just something about the energy of people in the midst of travel. We are a nomadic species, and it seems to me that in airports people are in a more natural state, living more in the present moment.

The whole security situation is unnerving, and a definite annoyance when you are traveling with a baby. They make you put the stroller through the x-ray machine which is ridiculous. This time Lil' Bit had to not only take off her shoes, but they also made me open her bottle and tested the contents. "It is just rice milk, I swear."

After a two hour delay, one relatively flavorless smoothie and a mediocre meal at Chili's Too, we finally boarded the plane to JFK.  Lil' Bit and I both crashed out on the plane. There is nothing worse than to wake up and realize that you have been asleep next to a stranger with your mouth gaping open for an hour.

No, wait there is something worse. You wake up to this realization as your baby wakes up to her ears popping, and no matter how hard you try to convince her to suck on the bottle or do anything else that might help, she just continues to cry for 10 minutes straight as if you were stabbing her in the eyes.

We arrived at JFK and jumped in a cab to Grand Central Station. We missed the off peak train by two minutes, so we had an hour to kill. We strolled through the market there and bought some cheese and fruit for the train ride. Then we shared a vanilla gelatto, although I think Lil' Bit got a brain freeze and would have nothing to do with it after about 4 bites. Instead she just flirted with the table full of Asian women sitting next to us. My father would have been proud.

Where are we traveling to you might ask? Lil' Bit and I escaped the brutal Florida heat for a mountain retreat. We are off to Great Barrington, Massachusetts where we will be for almost the entire month of July. Why Great Barrington? My oldest friend, George, lives in a lovely little yellow farm house nestled in the southern Berkshire Mountains and this will be our second visit with him this year...and with Lil' Bit toddling around now Uncle George is in for a whole different type of house guest experience.

This area of the country is known for its amazing organic farms and fresh seasonal food. George and I love to cook together so be on the lookout for some pretty scrumptious posts! Have a great weekend...and come back Monday for another taste of EcoCulinaire.


Katie K Haas said...

Awesome post Nan! It's so funny that we've basically switched places for the month of July. I brought my new bundle of joy to Sarasota for the month--at 2.5 weeks old--and you take yours to Massachusetts! Next time we should plan for you to come to Boston and stay with us for a few days. We've got plenty of room and live right across the street from the Arboretum!
I'm glad that someone likes to travel with first time was really a piece of cake as she slept the ENTIRE way down but I'm terrified to go home as I know it won't be that easy.
Have a GREAT time with George and tell him I said hello! Kirsch

Bob Sam said...

Thanx for the reminder that Air Travel (which I continue to avoid at all cost) isn't all Living Hell...I had forgotten how much fun spending the loose time waiting for connects can be. It is time for which you are unaccountable as it is entirely out of your control and spending it in a bizarre Space/Time locus, as you put it "...people watching and a more natural state, living more in the present moment..." just absolutely nails it. It is the berries!

I guess it is the more un-natural state of standing spread-eagle while a highly trained TranspoSafety Specialist pats and pets my nethers that I object to...

Happy Traveling to you and LB!

heather said...

hi nan! give uncle georgie a kiss from auntie heather! is scotty going to come up and visit you guys for a few days? i'm so jealous that you get to get the hell outa this god awful heat here in florida. let me know how the weather is there...i just might jump ship and come up!