Friday, October 26, 2012

Poot Juice

Huzzah! You have no idea how long I have been attempting to write a post, but Blogger has had some weird software glitch that would not let me type for some reason. But now it is back and working, so here I am typing away. Hurray!

Poot juice. The phrase cracks me up every time I hear my daughter say it.  Just this morning, as I listened to the kitchen radio reporting some terrorizing tragedy over my cup of morning coffee...she came into the kitchen and asked, "Mama, I have some poot juice?"  I immediately went from dread to giggles.

Poot juice. Just say it out loud. It is really just the word "poot." This word is a total game changer.  Turns any frown upside down. As far as language development goes, I hope this bit of toddler talk lingers a while.

In fact, I could use a tall glass of poot juice right now. All this election talk has mama's blood pressure up and running.

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