Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Happy Year

I took this picture months ago just for today.  It is a black eyed pea from our garden at 29 South.  It was maybe September when I plucked this pod and weeks later when it had dried I  

This is a beautiful plant.

Even the word legume has a certain elegance to it don't you think?  A plant with edible seeds.  Each seed harboring its own individual potential to grow into a plant, comfortably nestled in a pod with its kin.  That is the thing...peas in a pod, when faced with the future, they are in it together. 

As a species we all have different resolves, but one thing is for all species on earth when it comes to our survival,  our future, whether we like it or not we are in it together.

Happy New Year!
Luck in Life and Love.

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