Friday, June 10, 2011

On the Move

Sorry about the radio silence, but the past two weeks have been a doozy.  We are on the move.  Chef, the girls and I are moving to Jacksonville this month.  Above is a snack I created when in desperate need of a quick refuel.  Let me present a perfect food for the throws of moving:  Tada...Branston Pickle & cream cheese on a mini bagel.  Only 215 calories, vegetarian, and really delicious. Even the Sprout likes it, which makes it an even better food on the move.  Food on the move has to easy to prepare, easy to eat without utensils, and something liked by all.

I love to move.  I feel it is intrinsic because we are naturally a nomadic species.  Migration is an essential part of our evolution on this planet. The agricultural evolution definitely changed our patterns, but even in the 21st century many of us spend our days running around, conducting a micro-migration about our little lives from place to place.   According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, to migrate is to move from one country, place, or locality to another.  For many species this movement is driven by food and sex.  Food, sex, and movement.  Pretty key components of the good life if you ask me.

I have lived on this island for nine years now.  I met my love on this island and became a mother here.  For over 150 years my family has lived on Amelia in their ancestral homes.  It is a rare thing in America for a family to stay in one place for so long, and I am grateful for those that have held down the fort here in Fernandina.

This is our first migration as a new family.  Granted we are only moving an hour away, but anything off the island seems like a great distance.  A small adventure in the grand scheme of things, but who knows?  

We are moving to the Bold New City of the South.


Melanie said...

Hopefully we will get to see you guys more when you move!

man and van in London said...

I went through countless blogs, each different in its own way, but by far this blog is far better than the rest. In both content and design, really good job in keeping it up.

Nan said...

Thank you so much! I am glad that you enjoy it. I see you are a professional mover, and as someone who loves to move (I have moved six times in five years) I particularly appreciate your comment. Cheers!