Thursday, April 7, 2011

Residual Relaxation

How fast the bliss of a Caribbean vacation fades once you have returned to the grind.  I swear the residual relaxation lasted maybe a week.  Although, just revisiting some of these photos, like the one above of my weird toes, seemed to drop my blood pressure a notch.   This is a daydream post.  A daydream where breakfast and dinner are cooked by these handsome gentlemen, Chef Antonio Chin sosa of and his sous Benjamin. 

A dream where the sun rises at 5:30 am and you don't want to strangle your toddler for waking you before 6 because when you step outside of your house this is what greets you.  This and a beach hammock swaying in the morning breeze.

A dream where you throw diets and caution to the wind as you face a plate of this at dinner: Chile Rellenos. Then gobble it down without a second thought.

Followed by flan.

Vacation.  I live in a "vacation" hot spot.  This little island I call home is swarming with vacationists...I like that term as opposed to "tourists."  When I think of tourists I think of garish mass of sweaty people in clothes that are too small, hats that are too big, and cameras dangling from thick sun burned necks.   

Tulum is also a vacation destination.  The guide books said so, mainly for Europeans...which I saw a few about.  But there was a tourist faction not mentioned in the books, mid-westerners.  There were two little casitas on the property we stayed that were both rented to mid-westerners, and then on the beach I struck up a conversation with a woman and her staggering toddler on the beach, both of whom also from middle America.  I thought about why all these polite, genuine folks from the same region happened to be congregated in this tiny stretch of the Caribbean and I figured for these two reasons:  To escape a terrible winter, and to enjoy an affordable slice of paradise.

I am telling you people.  Mexico is where it is at.  Do yourself a favor and pay our neighbor a visit.  You will not be disappointed.

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