Thursday, September 23, 2010


Bring your own baby and beverage.  That is what BYOBB stands for literally, but our weekly mommy group means so much more.  Every Wednesday I have anywhere from 2 to 7 moms and their little chicks over to my house for happy hour.  Wednesday is the "hump" day of the week and it is the perfect day to take a break from the whirlwind of motherhood, have a drink, and vent.

And oh do we vent.  We talk about our kids, we talk about our spouses, we talk about out uteruses, we talk about whatever it is that we need to get off our chests.  We are a mix of women...from late 20's to early 40's  and we are bound by the wild experience of being new mothers.  

Being a new mother this day in age is not easy.  In our culture, most of us do not live with extended family...or anywhere near our family.  While generations before us had aunties and grandmothers to build a village to raise our children, today we are isolated...and it is through friendship we find our little tribes that give us the support we need.

At BYOBB there is always a snack for the kids...a fruit of some sort, and always booze for the moms...and something non alcoholic for those with another bun in the oven.  The last gathering Kate, mother of two adorable little fellas brought Tom Collins fixings to add to the 3 half full bottles of wine I had set out.  At BYOBB we are far from booze hounds, but lets just say...we don't mess around.

If it is warm out, I set up the kiddie pool on the porch, pull out some beach chairs and let the kids splash it out while we hash it out.  Water is such an awesome toy for little ones.  It isn't something they can't easily hoard or fight over...which gives us moms a chance to shoot the breeze without having to break up toddler snatch attacks.  

If it is ugly out we move the party inside.  This particular BYOBB there was an offering made to our garden Buddha.

Making time to unwind is hard for parents, and this little weekday get together gives both mom and the kiddos time to let loose a little bit.  I think taking a little time to unwind on "hump day" is probably a healthy practice for anyone, not just mamas.  So often we wait until the weekend to let go, but it is in the middle of the week that we need a break the most.

Good Life Quest # 11 / Hump Day Happiness

Pick an up coming Wednesday and take a little time to unwind.  Do something out of your normal routine, something you save for the weekends.  Maybe grab a drink with a friend after work, or go for a hike.  Whatever it may be...see if you notice a difference in your world during the last 2 day push before the weekend.  Do it for your own sanity.

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