Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The M&M

The image above sums up my entire potty training strategy for Lil' Bit.  Bribing children with candy is a trick as old as the day is long.  Do I feel guilty about it?  Somewhat, given that her dental hygiene is skill yet to be fully developed.  But whatever.  Star stickers just don't hold the same sway over Lil' Bit the way a single yellow M&M does.  A mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do...and this woman needs to get one of her two children out of diapers pronto.

The M&M is an American icon.  The little candy was created by Forrest Mars, founder of Mars Company.  In the 1930's he witnessed soldiers in the Spanish Civil War eating little candy covered chocolates.  Mr. Mars patented the confection on his return to the USA, and in 1941 began production.  William Murrie, then President of Hershey Co., owned 20% interest in the little candy and provided the chocolate, which was rationed at the time due to WWII.  The candy originally was produced in 5 colors: red, yellow, brown, green, and violet...with Mr. Mars and Mr. Murrie's intitals stamped on each pellet.

M&M's are always coming out in some new flavor variety.  I think chocolate coconut is one of the most recent....but I gotta be honest I am a sucker for the original candy as well as the peanut.  Sometimes there is just no improving a product.

We are just beginning the potty training battle, and while it is a far cry from the Spanish Civil War, it is a harrowing experience.  The vibrant little candies Mr. Mars brought to America 70 years ago provide a sweet motivation for Lil' Bit to get her little butt on the toilet.  It is amazing how foods move throughout the decades, from one culture to another.  From homesick soldiers to homebound toddlers, the candy covered chocolate now known as the M&M is a tiny sweet that has brought happiness to the masses throughout history.  Just looking at a jar of them is enough to brighten a mood...don't you think?


Anonymous said...

that is exactly how i potty trained my kids... and it worked. patience and chocolate... there is a lot to be said about those two things. good luck!

Kalin E. said...

I love that post. I also really love the sentence...lil' bit to get her little butt, so fun to read. Good luck!