Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Sweet and Saucy Holiday

Last night I was terrible, but being in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy I believe my behavior to be excusable. As Chef whipped up our holiday gifts, namely sea salt caramel sauce and bourbon chocolate sauce, I dealt with Lil' Bit who was being intensely needy due to a giant molar boring through her tender gums. As we wrestled through our evening routine, my patience for life in general began to wear thin. I informed Chef that I was going to indulge in a glass of wine this evening and I was craving something sweet. He put a bottle of Muscato D' Asti in the fridge to chill as I persevered with the trappings of a teething toddler at her witching hour.

While I dragged as mommy, Chef was whisking, mixing, boiling, and canning glorious sundae icecream toppings. Once I finally put Lil' Bit down to sleep I came into the kitchen and helped funnel what was left of the sauces into jars. Once all 24 jars had been topped off I had a stock pot of chocolate sauce and a dutch oven of caramel sauce all to myself. A pregnant woman's dream come true.
I took a large spoon from the silverware drawer and began spooning both sauces into my mouth alternating from pot to pot.

The chocolate was the perfect combination of sweet and bitter, and the caramel was so buttery it coated my throat as it oozed down. After eating about four spoonfuls of each, I licked my spoon clean and gently placed it next to the caramel pot on the counter. Every time I entered the kitchen over the following 2 hours, I returned to the sauce pots and the ritual began again. It was marvelous.

In each basket aside from the sauces we threw in an ice cream scoop and bottle of beer or wine for the drinkers... but the sauces make a dandy gift all on their own. It took chef maybe an hour and a half to make both sauces. They are easy, the ingredients inexpensive, and of course unbelievably delicious. I had to go to 4 stores to find mason jars, which tells me that many people are canning food this holiday season...and that pleases me greatly. Here are the recipes for both promised! Happy pot licking!

Sea Salt Caramel Sauce/ Multiply the recipe by 3 to fill 3 12 oz jars/ Add a pinch of sea salt
Bourbon Chocolate Sauce / Multiply the recipe by 3 to fill 3 12 oz jars / Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of bourbon

Put both in mason jars and label "Refrigerate for 2 weeks or Freeze forever!"


NCary said...

that is a great idea for a gift.

Anonymous said...

When I'm preggers can I come live with you?