Monday, September 14, 2009

Olive Oil Here, There, Everywhere

I once dated a man that used olive oil as both a hair product and as a "special" lubricant. I should have seen this as a warning sign, but hey, live and learn. While this was a little much for me, the truth is aside from being good for you to ingest, olive oil has a multitude of uses. Lil' Bit has a case of cradle cap, and I recently went online to see if there were any holistic solutions to the case of the crusty skull. There listed was "shampoo with olive oil." A number of mamas said it worked well, so I decided to give it a whirl.

After Lil' Bit ate dinner I stripped her of her shirt while in high chair and set to work. I dipped my hand in a small bowl of extra virgin olive oil (only the best for our babe) and began to massage it into her scalp. She seemed to enjoy it...I mean who wouldn't. It wasn't until I had basted her head like a turkey that I realized that I had to transport her from the kitchen to the bathtub.

Oil is not easy to remove from clothes...I know, I do Chef's laundry and it is next to impossible. So I stripped off my shirt, picked up my greasy baby and trucked it on to the bathroom for bath time.

The following morning it seemed that the dry skin on her scalp had lessened, and two days later it was even better. Turns out there are all sorts of things olive oil is good is are a few:
  • polishing copper or brass, and cleaning stainless steel
  • removing paint from your hair or skin
  • use it to free stuck zippers
  • coating garden tool blades with a little bit of olive oil will keep dirt from sticking to them and prevent rust
  • it can be used for shaving, and if you apply it to your razor it can prevent rust
  • some people even use it to remove makeup
So there you have it. Olive oil, the only vegetable oil that can be consumed freshly pressed from the fruit...the miracle elixir of the Mediterranean diet...also is great for baby dander. Who knew?

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