Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Deadliest n' Delicious

Whew. Sorry about skipping out for the past week, but we had a house guest tornado hit our house. A crew of five...three awesome kids and two equally fantastic adults. While they were here we had a very special meal. Actually, it was requested by our company...Alaskan King Crab.

Most people are familiar with this mega crustacean because of the show Deadliest Catch. We watch it, or should I say Chef watches it...and when you see the crabs in the traps you really don't get a good idea of the sheer magnitude of this sea creature. One crab leg is pratically the length and width of my forearm. Yes, my forearm. It is a beautiful thing.

One of my least favorite things about eating crab is all the effort that goes into it. It is more work that it's worth and by the end of the meal I always find my shirt speckled in crab juice. The size of the King Crab makes for easy eating. I take a pair of shears and cut down the side of the leg and then pick it out, not with a little seafood fork...but a big old dinner fork. Big huge mouthfuls of crab.

Every time we have King Crab we never finish the platter. It is one of those type of meals you think you are going to be able to eat forever...that nothing will keep you from finishing every last bite. I think the reason we fill up so quickly is not so much the crab, but the sopping of butter that occurs with each bite.

Alaskan King Crab are only fished two to four weeks a year, so needless to say they are a precious and expensive commodity. It is a luxury to say the least... our crustacean feast was fit for a king!

oh, p.s. I was reading the Huffington Post article about best undiscovered cities to eat local food...and ta da there 29 South was nominated by their readers amongst other farm to table restaurants nationwide! Check it out at We are number 62.

Thanks for the nomination Robert Smith...aka Uncle Bob!

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Bob Sam said...

Mmmmm! Delicious crabbiness! The mess is worth it, even with the lowly blue crab...and the primitivo fun of tearing apart a crustacean and eating it is quite a bit of fun in itself...especially with buckets of iced beers to wash it all down...but, you are right! They call them King for a reason...on a par with lobster in my book!