Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fine Food Factory

Remember how I mentioned guerrilla dining a while back?

Check out this table.

The Legend Series II dinner took place in an old
Ford assembly plant on the St. John's River.

Check the view.
The band, The Mast, straight from Brooklyn. 

They played a set while cocktails were enjoyed on the loading dock.

And of course, 
there was the food.

This is my favorite picture of the evening.
I love it because it captures the culinary spirit of the evening.
It is a picture of the dessert course, and the chefs as they put their finishing touches
 on these gorgeous plates. Take a slightly closer look.

The Legend Series Two dinner was a four course meal, each chef prepared an hors d'oeuvre, a single course and a dessert...which you see pictured here. While each course was created by an individual culinary artist, it was executed by the collective of chefs and sous present.

Pictured here from right to left:
Chef Tom Gray, Bistro Aix
Chef Scott Schwartz, 29 South
Chef Sam Effron, Taverna
They work fresh mozzarella.

This is Guy Ferri of Black Sheep Restaurant
 and sous from Bistro Aix and Black Sheep.
They are putting the finishing touches on the second course.
It was amazing to watch these professionals.
The synchronicity was extraordinary, as if they worked together every night of the week.

The food was beautiful.

4th Course. Chef Scott Schwartz
Sausage-stuffed quail with soft polenta, chestnuts, natural jus

The drink was plentiful, thanks to
Palm Bay Imports.

Prosecco, Barolo, Amarone, sense a theme?
Extraordinary Italian varietals each paired with an exquisite dish.
It all came together in a fabulous evening thanks to this lady here:

Mrs. Cari Sanchez-Potter

I am sure she is plotting the next underground dinner...
Curious?  Go here.

Shhh. Keep it on the DL.

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